Our Specialties

Complete Reconstruction

Crash Reconstruction Experts can provide you complete reconstruction resources from scene inspections all the way to depositions and trials.

All of our staff makes use of 3D Laserscanning and additional surveying equipment to provide the most accurate of scene diagrams and models.

With the knowledge and ability to effectively use the technology efficiently, we are able to provide solutions and success for any investigation. We make use of 3D Laserscanner and/or total station survey equipment to ensure the most accurate crash or crime scene diagrams and 3D models.

3D Laserscanning

Crash Reconstruction Experts is proud to utilize one of three Faro 3D Laserscanners in the entire state of Ohio.

This high level of technology at an affordable cost to you provides incredibly accurate documentation. 3D Laserscanning is used in several different case types such as vehicle crashes, personal injury, occupational investigations, environmental investigations, and many more. Contact us today and find out how we can benefit you!


We at Crash Reconstruction Experts offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and how we can address all the avenues we can provide to gain success.

With no obligation, we will be able to pair you with one of our experts who will promptly answer your questions. Contact us here.

Expert Testimony

When the facts are paramount, you need to be able to trust the experts who will be presenting the testimony are not only knowledgeable, but prepared for anything.

Crash Reconstruction Experts personnel undergo hours and hours of annual continuing education to continue an unsurpassed competency and reliability that you can count on. From success in all Daubert Challenges to utilizing decades of both private and public sector experience, our team is prepared to serve you as trusted experts in the field.